Rio Olympics 2016, British HouseAccreditation | iOS

Accreditation | iOS

British House was the UK's home at the Rio Olympics 2016, the place to celebrate Team GB's performances and a showcase for the best of the UK and London. Brought together by the partnership of Team GB, Mayor of London and The Great British Campaign.

From the outset there were a number of complexities to identify and resolve, offsite there was a need for a large online digital solution to allow the booking of the event delegates, additional sessions within the event and distribution of e-tickets (QR / Code 128 / iOS Passbook) with accompanying Joining Instructions / Welcome pack prior to the event.

On site at British House, the requirement was for a technical solution to allow the Host / Hostess team to book, admit and validate delegates / staff through the welcome centre continuously. This would also be extended to the admission of delegates to individual sessions, which they were attending.

With complex and verbose security requirements, the application would need to store and purge sensitive information, whilst maintaining the integrity of data during a specified time period to allow returning delegates access to the buildings with their existing credentials / lanyards.

The technology used would need to work under specific hardware security protocols within the event space and be subject to ongoing security testing, whilst still having the flexibility to share data across numerous terminals within the entire event location, which in essence, was the middle of the botanical gardens in Rio de Janeiro.

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After an extensive period of discovery and working closely with the client, our solution was designed and built to facilitate online session and general admission bookings, through a specific web portal. These bookings would be paired with an additional script facility to provide bulk uploading of delegates through an array of command line interfaces. Each delegate booked, via either channel, would receive a Welcome pack and their e-ticket. The tickets were time dependent to ensure security and would be validated against each users photo and proof of identity on site at British House, in Rio de Janeiro.

For the onsite technology, an iOS application was composed and developed to connect and distribute data via an onsite media server thus allowing real-time data sharing between each iOS instance. This approach would allow for user data to be available at any application/terminal, maximizing delegate ease of passage, whilst satisfying security requirements between gates and checkpoints.

Great consideration was given to the localized network and infrastructure, utilizing many key technologies within iOS to ensure that the experience was seamless for staff and delegates. A large amount of planning was undertaken both offsite and onsite prior to the event, with close attention to the event space, terminals / app points, Wi-Fi access points, and the internal networking as a whole.

British House was to celebrate the best of London and the UK during the Rio 2016 Olympic games, from its sporting excellence to its business and culture. Located at the historic Parque Lage, one of Rio's most recognizable buildings, the house was set in the botanical surroundings of the Mata Atlântica, at the foot of the Corcovado.

Over the 17 days of the event, the House attracted over 100,000 requests for entry and over 11,000 visitors attended with 7,500 session bookings. British House served as an ambitious forum, covering the following sectors: financial services, investment, energy, education, science & innovation, sport for development, major sporting events and interactive entertainment. A survey of attendees found that 82% had a better perception of the UK after visiting British House and two thirds were likely to do business with the UK in the future. In the words of the Sunday Times, "the trophy location is a fitting choice for the UK to showcase its leading industries."

All of the technical solutions provided by us operated and performed their expected purpose, exceeding performance requirements onsite and delivered a seamless user experience. The web portal and onsite application met all of the KPIs defined in the scoping stage of the project and such was the future-proofed nature of the applications, they would be used again at the Paralympic Games.

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