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The Post Office required an e-commerce web application developed to facilitate their requirements for a Mobile phone retail proposition. The project would pull together a number of services and 3rd party web applications to allow the Post Office portal to be the single web entry point for all customers wishing to purchase a mobile, sim or mobile accessory.

Integrating all of these services together into one web based application required a solution that was robust, scalable and had the ability to be distributed over multiple web servers and multiple databases.

In keeping with the Post Office Brand, the application would also need to output a number of user friendly responsive web pages, which would adhere strictly to both brand guidelines and to Web Accessibility guidelines. In order to meet the required KPIs, the solution would have to be:

  • High performance and scalable
  • A platform that could depict all customized order processes
  • Provide a shop interface for Pay and Go customers and be scalable to incorporate Pay Monthly customers
  • Be adaptable to various concepts and facilitate cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Adhere to Brand Guidelines
  • Meet Web Accessibility Priority Level 2 (3 where possible)
  • Output a mobile first responsive web site
  • Provide the customer a harmonized end-to-end sales process


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We developed the solution on Magento Enterprise, allowing the Post Office to leverage from the existing inbuilt modules within Magento Enterprise, whilst allowing the framework to append additional functionality to fulfil the business needs of the Post Office.

This approach enabled us to add and integrate custom functionality to the purchase journey, and additional to other key strategic areas of the portal where customer transactions were outside of the order process. This resulted in additional logic to provide a custom form creation and validation object, as well as bespoke web service integration modules that facilitate the communication from the Sales Portal to both Post Offices payment providers and fulfilment agents. With a number of large 3rd party applications being seeded from the customer data input into Magento, the Post Office portal is a pivotal application in the customer journey for all aspects of both the purchase and after care services provided by Post Office Mobile.

To further extend the integration of the Sales Portal into the Post Office work flow, we extended the administration interfaces to accommodate custom processes specifically for the Post Office call centre. These custom tools allow the call centre to service customer requests, both in regards to their purchases and also a number of after care tasks.

Key process and functionality delivered:

  • Built on Magento Enterprise
  • Full integration of custom Magento modules
  • Custom integration of bespoke 3rd party web services
  • Distributed across multiple servers and multiple database servers
  • Advanced search integration with Solr
  • Utilization of Varnish to optimize performance

The flexible B2C solution based on Magento Enterprise smoothly integrates into the central order platform of Post Office and integrates directly with their payment and fulfillment partners. The project was well-prepared and brought to fruition in 12 weeks from initial technical software design to completed UAT testing.

The resulting application provided the Post Office with a responsive, web accessible application meeting and achieving all items within the project scope both on time and on budget.

The portal implemented by us secures a reliable order platform nationwide for the Post Office, provided in a multi-tiered release program, resulting in the initial release of;

  • Free sim nationwide launch
  • Online unregistered top-up gateway
  • Change number facility
  • Bespoke modularization of Magento content managed data


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