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Event registration | Web

The GREAT Festival of Creativity was a three-day showcase of British innovation, held in the Long Museum in Shanghai.

It was a flagship articulation of the UK Government's ambitious GREAT Britain Campaign, which challenges the world to think differently about Britain and emphasizes the best of what Britain has to offer.

A unique partnership between British Government and major private sector organizations, the challenge presented to us was to design and develop an online digital solution to allow delegates from an international audience, to register and engage with the speakers and experts attending the event.

The solution would need to be a responsive mobile-first web build, with multi-lingual capacity and engage audiences with social channels both in the UK and in China, through Twitter and Weibo.

To add resilience to the event management team an iPad application would need to be developed to allow for day-to-day management of delegates during the showcase, facilitating expedited check-in, agenda management, delegate-to-delegate conferencing and many additional core tasks.

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We delivered an extensive technical and digital solution both online, and offline within the event space itself. This comprised of a web application and a custom iOS event application management platform. With such a highly prestigious event and an international attendee list, the digital solution needed to accommodate visitors from a global audience, with special consideration for the large volume of Chinese delegates. The application designed and developed is an addition to our platform, Horizon, which currently delivers strategic B2B and B2C operations for DIT.

Key process and functionality delivered

  • Multilingual dictionary management for all online activities
  • Performance optimization for web access within China
  • Security optimization for storing, retrieving and purging of data
  • Custom parallax loading interfaces
  • One touch event check-in
  • User interface finely tuned for administration management processes

The three-day Festival hosted over 2,700 delegates, with 500 world-leading British companies taking part and a further 600 Chinese buyers and investors joining the British contingent.

The Festival attracted large amounts of positive media coverage with Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) figures of nearly £30 million globally - three times the previous record for a GREAT event.

The Festival is expected to provide a return on investment in excess of £150 million to the UK economy.

The online portal continues to support DIT to service and manage additional events from their annual program of events. The in-event application has been further developed with additional functionality, including e-ticketing and custom delegate check-in management, both of which were used at the Olympics in Rio 2016.

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