FacebookInventory management | Web

Inventory management | Web

Facebook required a customized inventory and order management system, for processing and managing event assets across multiple territories in Europe.

The inventory system had a bespoke set of requirements, specific to Facebook's needs, and would also require bespoke restrictions to access controls and user permissions.

The app would also need to be flexible and future-proof for worldwide use. The app would also need to be delivered within a customized brand design that met the brand guidelines stipulated.

Given the decentralized nature of the material, the app would need to be maintained by different administration sources, so would require a customized admin suite of tools, specific to each region.

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The application provides features and functions for:

  • Asset catalog
  • Checkout / purchase process
  • Stock management
  • Custom administration tools
  • Events calendar and planning
  • Optimized performance
  • Responsive
  • Specific access control tools
  • Multi-lingual
  • Events driven

The objective was to create a lightweight simple application that could be scaled accordingly to meet the needs of Facebook teams. During the design phase of the project, it was identified that the app would be best delivered as a web app, adhering to the twelve-factor methodology.

Both the frontend and backend of the app are cloud-based and they currently reside on a highly scalable server infrastructure using a collection of backing services (SQL, Cache, Asset storage).

The app is a core central hub for all the Facebook administrators in the UK, France and Germany, where they manage all assets and orders for their events calendar.

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