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The DIT Event Portal was to provide DIT with the primary Government entry point for the DIT event programme and event management.

The application would need to control in excess of 3000 events over a 36 month period and allow managers and delegates alike tools to manage and control their account and their interaction with DIT, either online or at any given event.

The application would need to be built in just 12 weeks.

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We were engaged to design, develop and deliver the entire application in a HMVC design pattern, using PHP.

The system in its entirety, was developed as an Information Management System (IMS), which controls every aspect of the DIT Event Portal and Event websites, across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The application was designed to dynamically create instances of events and event websites, without any additional development or a single line of code needing to be written.

Essentially the application is a combination of multiple systems that co-exist within the same application framework.

Each component part can be utilized individually, although, they also have co-dependencies, which facilitate the sharing of data objects seamlessly across the business logic tiers.

Offering e-commerce, business process tools, user communication management and web services integration (as both client and server) the DIT Event Portal is a large enterprise system distributed across a large dedicated server environment, delivering content and commerce to an international audience.

Key benefits included:

  • Global platform for all events from DIT and partners
  • Dynamically creating event websites
  • Clean and fluid interface
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Network with other delegates
  • Single login for all events
  • API for further integration
  • Integration with LinkedIn

Since going live in April 2014, the system has serviced over 60,000 individual users. The website has taken over 5 million unique sessions and registered 10,000 transactions in the last 12 weeks, and continues to grow rapidly. *

The portal and all of the websites were fully penetration tested at each stage of development, and continue to be tested regularly as part of our best practice.

The portal is PCI DSS compliant and has received Government security accreditation. The entire system is delivered on powerful dedicated servers, accredited to CESG IL2 impact level.

In 2017, the portal became a web app and was republished and redeployed in partnership with Government Digital Services and DIT, onto Government cloud (GDS PaaS) integrating multiple backing services from DIT, and utilizing multiple Government services, including GOV.UK Notify.

* figures correct as of June 2018

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