What we doWeb, apps and development

From the very beginnings of PR23, we have built websites. From small simple microsites to large scale enterprise e-commerce Content Management Systems (CMS).

Working with technical partners such as Accenture, IBM and Samsung, we have acquired vast in-house knowledge and experience of many common commercial systems and their suitability for different projects.

From these experiences we built and maintained our own CMS, named EKH, which is a cloud app Content Management System and delivers many of our clients websites.

Our extensive experience with Government and dealings with Government Digital Services (GDS), has gained PR23 enormous first-hand knowledge of government platforms and the intricate detailed requirements for technical security, information security and risk aversion of large scale user centric data driven web applications.

Coupled with our web development projects, we also develop and produce iOS and Android apps for both enterprise and commercial distribution. Our accreditation/check-in app, was developed for the Rio Olympics, you can read about the accreditation here.

With newer devices having ever increasing capacity and processing ability, more technically complex solutions are available at consumers fingertips. Augmented Reality (AR) is a great example of enhancing a persons experience through an app. With these device advancements, AR is becoming more powerful and more accessible. You can read more about our AR development and app.

Complimenting our business app development, we have a games development branch, focused on delivering easily accessible, interesting, fun games built around the narrative of easy to play and intuitive to understand.

 Digital installations

We love the fusion of physical and digital, so digital installations are a perfect blend for PR23. We build and provide custom digital installations onsite that both enrich and compliment an event and the event space.

Augmented Reality (AR) is now more accessible than ever before. Available on all modern iOS and Android devices, we bring the extra level of engagement and the interactive experience of an Augmented Reality to the real-world environment.

Tweet tree
Social engagement is a core component of many events. Tweet tree provides a real-time twitter integration onsite at an event, allow customers to post thoughts, questions, even responses during workshops, sessions and throughout the event arena. Tweet tree is designed as a web application so can be installed without any specialist equipment.

Incorporating Real-Time Communications into an events strategy opens up the availability of instant data sharing as well as voice and text chat capabilities. These provide a rich digital environment for the attendees to engage with other attendees and promotes both greater integration and seamless networking.

As well as creating and developing technical solutions, we also provide consultancy on technical and digital strategies. Our wealth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to guide and assist many of our clients with their projects and continual technical needs.

We work closely with our clients to consult on every part of the technical lifecycle, from selecting the correct platform at the beginning to project management and defect resolution.