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AR Live - PR23 App

What is AR?

AR, or Augmented Reality is the integration of ephemeral digital assets with a physical environment in real time via a digital device. Commonly this is a user with an AR enabled device within an environment preset with the required conditions and parameters.

Not to be confused with Virtual Reality (VR), with its total immersion into a virtual world, AR extends the physical surrounds by overlaying assets over the top of it.

So why should I use it?

Ever considered enhancing your speakers presentations with more than just PowerPoint, a giant great white shark for example, swimming across stage? Or a Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting through a digital display? How about something smaller; a handheld card that when viewed through a device turns into a forest in the users palm...

Each different event will have its own narrative and the use of AR can be targeted to best integrate into the experience. Each event space will have its own uniqueness and it's these elements that can be utilised and enhanced to provide a truly engaging and memorable AR experience.

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