Accreditation appBuilt for the Rio Olympics 2016, British House
Enhanced further for the Great Festival of Innovation, Hong Kong

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Accreditation app

Our Accreditation app is a three-tiered comprehensive solution, encompassing the full lifecycle of the event registration and accreditation process.

  1. A web component allows delegates to register for the event
  2. The onsite app is used for accreditation, ticket scanning, badge printing and delegate management
  3. The third element is the web based administration system, which the event team has full management over the event and delegates

The Registration Process

  • Web based registration system
  • Customise the questions for each registration
  • Integrated email tools for sending dedicated branded emails
  • Create single registrations for multiple locations and multiple dates
  • E-ticketing
  • Optional iCals for delegates
  • Secure encrypted form transmission
  • Full suite of admin tools to manage and administer delegate data
  • Analytics and data management tools

Onsite Accreditation

  • QR, Code-128 and RFID enabled
  • Touch / scan delegates into a venue for expedited accreditation
  • Host or Kiosk (delegate self-service) modes available
  • Badge / sticker or wristband printing
  • Session, workshop and breakout management and check-in
  • Delegate management
  • Take delegate profile pictures (can be printed on the badge)
  • Realtime delegate dashboard data
  • Realtime session data
  • Access controls to give hosts specific permissions
  • App and all badges can be customised to your branding
  • Realtime data communication between all devices onsite
  • GDPR compliant


  • Full custom branding
  • Secure login
  • Different access control levels for GDPR compliance
  • Modular centric approach to allow functionality to be managed and extended at the click of a button
  • Integrated help and tips throughout
  • One click to send emails, reminder and joining instructions
  • Manage every aspect of the registration flow and data capture fields

More details

The delegate receives a custom email invite, the invite contains a unique tokenised link to the registration system. Clicking the link in the email takes the delegate directly to the secure online registration website.

The delegate completes all the necessary data capture forms and completes their registration. At the end of the registration the delegates receive a customised branded e-ticket both onscreen and via email. You can enhance your delegate experience by also adding iCals to set dates in the delegates own calendar. The registration questions set for the delegate are custom and can be composed for your exact requirements.

An administrator is notified each time a registration is completed and they have full access to manage the entire lifecycle of the registration process.

Following up
The registration system can be setup to send reminders or additional emails to the delegate at preset times prior to the event. Great for sending notices, updates and joining instructions.

The delegate arrives at the venue with their e-ticket (they do not need their e-ticket but it does save them time in getting accredited). The delegate presents their e-ticket and is scanned or checked-in by a host (additional details or photos can be added to their profile at this time if required).

The host can then print the delegates badge - all badges can be customised in your branding. For an enhanced experience to the delegate, use our RFID enabled badges.

Session management
Throughout the event the app can be used for scanning/tapping delegates into sessions, breakout groups, clinics and workshops and for engaging with delegate profiles and their agenda details.

Get realtime statistics on delegates, who's checked-in, who's checked-out, who's yet to arrive and at the end of the event simply download the entire data set as a spreadsheet.

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